Virtual Sonar

The innovative FOCUS software which detects the rim width

What is it? Virtual Sonar is the new FOCUS software which enables, in the absence of an actual sonar device, to detect the rim width of steel rims without having to enter them in manually. The software automatically calculates the rim width from the first correction plane and checks its reliability based on the measured unbalance and the tolerance calculated according to the AutoAdaptive mode.

How does it function? Virtual Sonar is based on the AWA software (already existing in the FOCUS range balancers) and evolved through its integration with the AutoAdaptive system. After having detected the first correction plane the software estimates the rim width by considering a certain “uncertainty” on distances between flange plate and external plane and this uncertainty is necessary because not all steel rims (with same diameter and first correction plane) have  the same distance between flange plate and external plane. During spin cycle, the Virtual Sonar verifies that it is possible to remain within tolerances required for the unbalance amount detected on every external plane feasible. Should this not be possible, or should there be any chance that even one single plane, for the unbalance amount detected, would not allow the residual unbalance (calculated through AutoAdaptive mode) to remain within tolerance the machine will request the manual input of rim width in mm.

What are its advantages? Virtual Sonar enables even an entry-level balancer to have the features of a Sonar machine. Reduces balancing time by avoiding operator errors caused by manual data entries and guarantees, at the same time, a balancing efficiency comparable to top of the range machines.