The new 3D-HD technology wheel alignment system with automatic camera beam

GEOFIX35.0HD is the new 3D wheel alignment system for cars and light commercial vehicles, with a completely redesigned cabinet with drawers and housings for printer and accessories, an easy accessibility for maintenance and an advanced software.


Motorized and automatic camera beam

The 3D camera support beam is motorized and fully automated. Camera beam height is automatically adjusted to the height of lift.
The camera beam position is studied to optimize the available space.

Advanced software

Features very clear and userfriendly graphics. The software system, entirely developed by FOCUS, guides the user through all the alignment operations.

3D technology detects all alignment parameters, included wheel diameters, that identify eventual deflated wheels and dimensions such as track, wheelbase and diagonals to identify damages due to crashes.

Some of the main innovations are: single wheel lifted run-out in case of restricted space or lifts with steps, measurement with 2 targets for long vehicles, caster trail, scrub angle and audit.

Dedicated electronics

The system features an industrial type computer, Windows 10 based, solid state SSD Sata, USB interface, webcam and software and database automatic update through wifi connection. No moving parts (DVD/CD) that can cause problems. Direct Shut-Down technology.


The new vehicle model ranking system allows a rapid and clear selection of the different vehicles.
The FOCUS database contains more than 55.000 vehicles and is constantly updated.

Pit Version (upon request)

Available upon request, the Pit Version is supplied with double monitor to ease the adjustment in pit.


Power supply 230 VAC single-phase 50/60 Hz | 115 VAC single-phase
Max power absorbed 0,7 kW
Max current absorbed 3A - 230V / 6A - 115V

  • Cabinet  – Windows operating system  – 27″ TFT monitor, colour printer, Wifi keyboard, loudspeakers, webcam, software and database manual updates via USB– Four 4-point clamps 12″-24″ with universal grips and targets  – Movable camera beam support (lift) with 3D sensors technology  – Brake pedal lock and steering lock  – Two mechanical turntables for cars – Wheel alignment software and database for CARS

Calibration Kit (3D aligner)

Calibration Kit complete with spirit level to calibrate the cameras

Premium Turnplates

Two premium turnplates for car complete with paddles


Frontal assistance video camera to help get onto the lift

Automatic turnplates

Automatic locking / unlocking turnplates

3″ Extensions

Kit of 16 extensions for rims up to 27″

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