GEOFIX10.0W Light

Car wheel alignment - only the "essential"

The light version differs respect to the complete version, as only the essential components for alignment are supplied. From an economic point of view, this is te ideal solution to allocate this technoloy even to customers who, fpr the first time wish to carry out wheel alignment and containing investment costs.


The new vehicle model ranking system allows a rapid and clear selection of the different vehicles.
The FOCUS database contains more then 55.000 vehicles and is constantly updated

Lithium Batteries

Featuring a long durability when batteries are charged.
The batteries are immune to the “memory effect” and can be rechared at any time

Radio communication 2,4 GHz

The radio communication between sensors and computer uses a frequency of 2,4 GHz. This technology features a stable and reliable communication over a lengthy period.
There are 7 different channel communications available which can be useful in cases of multiple installations and/or solving interference problems

MEMS Accelerometer

Together with the CCD cameras, the MEMS accelerometer (derived from the aeronautical field), provides the acquisition of the alignment parameters of wheels. It measures the sensor inclinations accordng to the two main axles (caster and camber).
The accelerometer has completly substituted the previous pendulum-tipe inclinometers which were very delicate and sensitive to shocks. No more problems due to shocks


Userfriendly Software

Features very clear and userfriendly graphics. The software system, entirely developed by FOCUS, guides the user through all the alignment operations.

Electronic control unit

The light version is supplied without a pc. Contact your local distributor for possible options



Power supply 230 VAC single-phase 50/60 Hz | 115 VAC single-phase

  • Set of 4 metal 80 mm universal grips for 4-WD, SUV and light trucksro.

  • Four car measuring heads with Lithium batteries
    Four 4-point clamps 12″-24,5″ c/w universal grips,
    L 45mm + reference surface metallic grips, L 48mm.
    Power supply kit
    USB antenna
    Brake pedal lock and steering lock

    Wheel alignment software and database for CAR.

Truck and bus upgrading kit

2 Truck and bus turnplates
2 rear measuring heads for truck
16 L=120mm truck grips
Software and database for TRUCK

Clamp extensions

Extensions to increase the operating diameter up to 30”.

Grips for steel rims

Set of 4 metal grips for clamping on steel rims from the inside (also useable as adapters for others tips and grips).

Calibration kit

Calibration kit complete with spirit level to calibrate measuring heads

Backup cables

Set of 4 feeding cables for recharging batteries when measuring heads are mounted on vehicle (13m length)

12″-25″ Pro Clamp SYNCRO

Set of four 3-point 12″-25″ self-centering Pro Clamp SYNCRO clamps.

Adaptor Kit

Adapator kit for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Smart, Porsche, Volkswagen rims (to be used with 12″-25″ SYNCRO clamps)

Clamping arms kit

Clamp supporting arms and set of tips for tyres with external diameter 22″ – 31″

40″ supporting arms extensions

Extended clamp supporting arms for tyres up to 40”.

Trolley & wall panel

Trolley with wheels to hang clamps and accessories                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Couple of wall panels to hang wheel clamps and accessories


The FOCUS KIT ADAS CCD allows positioning of the CCD sensors on any ADAS/ACC calibration structure by means of universal adapters and, through a very quick and simple software included in the alignment program, enables to facilitate the positioning.

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