Super automatic heavy vehicles and earth moving tyre changer

Superautomatic electro-hydraulic tyre changer with synchronized movement of the carriages, designed to work on truck, bus, farming and earth movement machines wheels. FT60 is designed with an innovative “tools always in line” working technology: this allows the disc and the tool to be always in the right working position, thus ensuring greater ease and speed in the M/D operations, more safety for the operator and greater protection of tire and rim. Minimum rim clamping height : 390 mm

Self-centering chuck

Universal hydraulic 4-jaws chuck developed to clamp all types of rims with direct clamp from 14’’ to 42” (up to 60” using extensions – optional). The new jaw has been designed with 5 clamping points and one of them is adjustable, so that it can be adapted to any type of rim’s internal shape. Two speeds for each rotation direction. Central hole minimum diameter clamp: 115 mm

Tool-Holder arm

Fully automatic elevation and rotation of the tool arm. Leverless (L-L) working system thanks to the tool clamping in a retracted position. Possibility to work with free disc (unlocked): in this way it is always in the best working position (less effort and greater working speed)

Control unit

The FT60R version is equipped with a low voltage portable control unit, easily movable inside the working area. The rational lay-out of control levers, buttons and pedals prevents the operator from making accidental and dangerous operational errors


Clamping capacity 14”- 42” (14”- 60” ext.)
Max wheel diameter 2.700 mm (106”)
Max wheel width 1.500 mm (59”)
Wheel weight 2.500 kg
Bead breaker force 30.000 N 3059kg (6744 lbs)
Power supply 400V/50-60Hz
Chuck rotation speed 4,5 - 9 rpm
Motor absorption 2,2 - 3 kW
Net weight 1.550 kg

  • Lever and clamp


Set of 4 jaws protections for alloy rims


Set of 4 extensions 42″ – 60″


Pneumatic bead pressing device


Set of 4 EM and OTR wheels adapters

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